My favorite Dribbble shots thus far.

I am sure you know by now how much of a Dribbble enthusiast I am, as I find it to be a steady source of inspiration and of ideas for projects I am currently working on.

A little while back, I posted a tweet, expressing my love for a dribbble shot that someone had posted. The tweet got a ton of feedback, so I figured I should share my other favourites with you.

There is really no pattern, rhyme or reason to why I like these shots. They all have different styles, colour schemes and purposes, but I constantly find myself referencing them for inspiration. In no particular order:

Quality Service
Fig. 1a “Quality Service” by Jared Christensen
Floral Mix
Fig. 2a “Floral Mix” by Tyler Thompson
Steinway Metronome App
Fig. 3a “Steinway Metronome App” by Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain
Ticket Stub
Fig. 4a “Ticket Stub” by Ryan Putnam
First Saturday Poster
Fig. 5a “First Saturday Poster” by Bennie Kirskey Wells
Fig. 6a “Form” by Mikael Gustafsson
Ice Ice Baby
Fig. 7a “Ice Ice Baby” by Cuberto
Screen Shot 2011 01 28 At 7.39.48 Pm
Fig. 8a “Screen Shot 2011 01 28 At 7.39.48 Pm” by Russ
Wine label - Almost there
Fig. 9a “Wine label - Almost there” by Scott Hill
Fig. 10a “Rubicon” by John Ryan
10 Cent Final
Fig. 11a “10 Cent Final” by Matt Stevens
It's Truly Pointless
Fig. 12a “It’s Truly Pointless” by Rob Soul√©
Don't take your guns to town son
Fig. 13a “Don’t take your guns to town son” by Mark McLaughlin
Iron to Iron
Fig. 14a “Iron to Iron” by Kevin Richardson
Fig. 15a “Redesign” by Claudiu Cioba
Skeleton Key 2
Fig. 16a “Skeleton Key 2” by Bobby McKenna
Fig. 17a “Cities” by Simon Collison
Pop the Box
Fig. 18a “Pop the Box” by Ashley Yousling
Make Type Not War
Fig. 19a “Make Type. Not War.” by Julian Hrankov
FileFit Logo
Fig. 20a “FileFit Logo” by Kevin Steigerwald